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Amulya - Micro Loan Scheme

To provide loan facility to the members of its self help groups at low rate of interest and minimum documentation. The same loan should be utilized for productive business purpose, by which women can be self sufficient and active in productive activities.

Loan Limit
Every member of JLG may avail Rs.5000/-, 10,000/-, 15,000/-, 20,000/-, 25,000/- as loan. Repayment period is 50 weeks & for Rs. 30000/-. Loan repayment period is 75 weeks of equal installments (Interest + Installments). It may vary depending up on the requirement.


Terms and Conditions

  1. All the members of one group can avail loan facility and are equally responsible for each and every loan.
  2. If any installment remains unpaid then it shall be paid by other members of group and recovered from the loaner there on.
  3. The due installment will be charged with additional penalty interest of 10% for every week.
  4. If the loanee absconds or defaults then the said loan should be repay by the Group itself or the chain members.
  5. The loan must be compulsorily repaid within 50/75 weekly installments and said loan should be utilized for productive purposes only.
  6. Documents like identity proof, Address proof, 4 photos, age proof, signature over loan documents should be submitted as guided by our staff.
  7. The SHG should undertake the loan repayment responsibility of the loans availed by its members. The SHG should promise the repayment undertaking on Rs. 50/- Stamp paper.
  8. Deductions : (A) For new loans Rs. 5000/- to 10,000/- deduct of Rs. 642/-, (B) Rs. 10000/- above up to 20000/- Rs. 742/- (C) Rs. 25000/- deduct of Rs. 842/- (D) Rs. 30000/- deduct of Rs. 842/-.
  9. This loan facility is provided by Shri Beereshwar Co-Op. Credit Society Ltd.,(Multi-State) through its branches. So it is the sole discretion of our society to sanction or reject the loan.
  10. The loan dispersing staff are the staff members of our society. So loanee need not pay more than the interest and installment.
  11. The loaners should obtain the receipts for the payments made.
  12. Any other rules and regulations directed by Head office and modified from time to time will be in force.
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