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We at Examba are walking on the path shown by the great souls of India and serving the people through co-operative movement. We have been working in the filed of finance, social, cultural, agricultural, sports religious, Women & Youth empowerment and so on. We laid the foundation of this Co-Op movement in 1991 with a small financial Institution named after Gram Devata Shri Beereshwar. Today that organisation is Shri Beereshwar Co-Op Credit Society Ltd. ( Multi State ), spread across Karnataka & Maharastra through 183 branches. We have the deposits of Rs.3408 Crores, Loan and advances of Rs. 2625 Crores and Net profit of Rs. 35.01 Crores (31st March 2023). Today our membership has crossed 3 lakh 61 Thousand. Though we have completed the Silver Jubilee, I want to humbly state here that the journey of twenty five years was not always hurdle free. But due to the strong support from our well wishers, members, management and staff we have reached till here. Due to the consistent hard work and professional approach, we are ISO 9001-2015 organisation.

Our aim is not just the financial transactions but also to provide other services to our members under one roof. They are like Western Union Money Transfer, Express Money, At PAR Cheques, Safe Deposit Locker System, NEFT & RTGS facility (Associate with Yes Bank), Life & General Insurance, Air, Train and Bus ticketing etc. Govt. of Karnataka’s Sakal services through 50 branches and e-Stamping facility through 31 branches is successfully operational.

We have not just provided these services but even educated rural people to make optimum use of these services.

We are one of the very few organisations those are working at micro level for women empowerment. Our Amulya micro-finance has helped more than 3.52 lakh women to stand on their feet and lead a respectful life. Through Amulya, we are providing financial services till their doors. An amount almost to the tune of Rs. 480 Crores is distributed as the micro loan. This is a continuous process and daily we are lending and recovering an amount of the tune of Rs.52 Lakh.

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